Support your broadcast with the power of Stream Station: from your mind, to your Stream Studio, to Stream Station Network Operations, to your viewers. Follow us on the journey and imagine yourself with the full resources of Stream Station backing you up as you reach the world!

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A idea is born in the brain of Streamin’ Steve. “What if I could host coaching classes to a virtual audience of thousands all over the world?”Streamin’ Steve tries out social media streams, but hates the inconsistency and low quality. He considers recording, editing, and uploading the workouts, but that would ruin the fun and real-time engagement you get from a live class. He needs a stronger, faster option.Stream Station enters the scene. Streamin’ Steve makes an investment in the Stream Studio. The lightweight 27” iMac comes fully loaded with all the hardware and software he’ll need to broadcast live to the world.

It’s the first day of class! Streamin’ Steve flips on the Stream Studio camera. First up? “How to Make an Introduction?"Out in techy world, the signal is on the move. Data is transported lightning fast to Stream Station Network Operations. Here, the stream is processed and archived!Viewers workout at home along with Streamin’ Steve thanks to Stream Station Link. Steve's stream is taken from his Stream Studio to the centralized Stream Station Network Operations via a reliable link monitored for health 24/7 by both computers and humans.That’s it. Steve’s coaching has gone global and it’s never been easier to harness technology this powerful