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We are the easy button for your critical broadcasting and live-streaming initiatives. We focus on the technology needs so your CEO can lead with confidence that the message will be clear.

We specialize in professional quality video transmission from point-to-point or point-to-multipoint streams. We understand the broadcast industry and know how to navigate the uncharted ocean of new technology and Cloud applications pertinent to executive communications with Fortune 100 companies.

Our Executive QC Monitoring solution and our Stream Station Link appliance offers high performance and reliability with our tech partners. Integration with legacy hardware or operations is possible with our broadcast technology. We are an AWS Elemental & Technology house. Our network operations center (NOC) will push out over 50 petabytes and reach millions of viewers this year alone.

You need us to write a customized application for your CEO? Done. You want to host your own 24/7 network? Send us your content! You want to schedule a live-stream event without dealing with all the IT hassle or glitchy webcast platforms? Our team will handle all that so you can engage with your audience.

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