Stream Station Link

The Stream Station Link appliance provides a point-to-point video transport over public IP. We use the Stream Station Link box and our software-defined network that is managed at our Stream Station Data Center and our Stream Station Cloud service. All the client needs is an internet connection with an IP or SDI feed.

Executive QC Monitoring Solution


As a Producer, Broadcaster or Broadcast Executive, you're responsible for making sure that the right signals are going to the right destinations - across the country or overseas - via IP or Satellite.

Welcome to Executive QC Monitoring Solution from Stream Station for broadcast executives and engineers! The Executive QC Monitoring Solution allows your network feeds to travel in the palm of your hands! Check the progress of your transmission whenever and wherever you want! Broadcast monitoring has never been easier!

We deliver RX, TX, Prompter feeds and put them in one place via managed IP transport on your iPhone or iPad with Sub 5 second latency! We enable broadcasters to maintain high standards. Solving transport issues faster.

Thanks to the Executive QC Monitoring Solution, the whole team knows what's onsite, while they're offsite. Everyone in the broadcast work is happy - especially your viewers!