We’ve built a three-step guidance system that can take your broadcast all around the world with military precision. Here’s how we do it.

1. The Stream Studio

The Stream Studio is like a broadcast in a box. It’s a 24-inch iMac pre-loaded with all the hardware and software you’ll need to produce incredible streams. That includes:

  • A built-in camera
  • An additional Black Magic Design Camera
  • Analytics software so you can monitor how successfully your stream is performing
  • Access to fast, friendly phone and email support

With one investment, you gain an infrastructure that people once needed cell towers and satellites to access. 52 1-hour videos per year, 2K GBs per month, and 10K plays per month. It’s never been this easy!

2. Stream Station Network Operations

This is the central hub where all the magic happens. From your Stream Studio, your broadcast travels to Stream Station Network Operations where it is processed, archived, and delivered to your viewers.
Here, both humans and machines monitor the health of your broadcast. If anything goes wrong, our 24-hour support team will be there to help you get back online.

3. Stream Station Link

If your broadcast was a vehicle, Stream Station Link is the highway. Stream Station Link delivers your data to Network Operations and then drives it to all your locations perfectly in sync.

To get this kind of network, you’d normally have to pay for expensive equipment, private telecom lines, or satellite space. With Stream Station Link, we’ve democratized broadcasting and put the power in the hands of the people!